TAE Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on cultural evolution through the integration of art and nature for social development, founded by Claudia Madrazo in 2010. TAE looks to dissolve boundaries between thoughts and disciplines and offers a multidisciplinary co-creative thinking platform to address critical issues of our time. TAE is formed by artists, educators and professionals committed to supporting education and human transformation through art.

TAE is made up of the following divisions:

Transforming Education: TAE seeks to construct and convene a network of actively engaged individuals and civil society organizations to lay a foundation of shared learnings and actions to accelerate the transformation of Education.
Programs: Art and Education, Art and Creative Communities

Transforming Art: TAE promotes and supports experimental artistic production and research, and seeks to explore the boundaries of the artistic experience and its integration into daily life within different socio-cultural contexts.
Programs: Site Specific Art

TAE's News and Events.

Interesting Past Events:

- The Arbol de Luz Cultural Center and Artistic Platform was the meeting place for the First Mayan Ancestral Music Encounter this past October 2014. Six groups of musicians were invited to participate in a round table discussion about their music, their culture and their thoughts and feelings about their music´s rescue and survival. The groups also participated in a short concert, where they shared their music with those present and the other musical groups. The musical encounter was very successful in bringing together several musicians that were focused on sharing their ancestor´s music.

- Tecoh had the honor of welcoming the Social Presencing Theater Master, Arawana Hayashi. Growth and self-transformation were the objectives of this workshop, which created a magical ambiance amongst the participants in the workshop

- Several groups of art lovers and experts have visited and enjoyed Tecoh and Arbol de Luz this year. TAE was honored to have received a visit from the World Monuments Fund from N.Y. N.Y. and The Art Center from Pasadena, Ca. Their interaction and energetic conversations have enriched and contributed to Tecoh’s multidisciplinary co-creative thinking platform.

- Tecoh at Tate Modern, London. October, 2013- Tecoh was the departure point for the Symposium”Transforming Place: Site and Locality in Contemporary Art”. Its objective was to explore, through the lens of contemporary art, the complexities of commissioning and producing Site-specific Art, while also considering the dimensions of place, locality, culture and ecology. See more.